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Arpuplus’ MuzicUp continues to gain traction in MENA’s digital music distribution market

18 Apr 2019

Registered independent artists empowered to distribute records in chosen digital streaming platforms, while generating income and growing fan base

December xx, 2018 – MuzicUp, MENA’s first music online distribution portal, continues to gain traction in the expanding digital music distribution market, steadily empowering regional independent artists seeking to get their records in the hands of music listeners and fans worldwide.

ArpuPlus, a subsidiary of A15 and MENA’s biggest content aggregator with more than 100,000 pieces of diversified content, attributed MuzicUp’s increasing popularity to the platform’s reliability to directly distribute original songs to the most-sought-after global streaming platforms and digital stores.

Music content uploaded on ArpuPlus’ MuzicUp are distributed to over 40 major regional multinational telecommunications companies, including Orange, Vodafone, Ooredoo, Viva, Du, Djezzy, and Etisalat, as well as popular music channels such as YouTube, Anghami, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Apple Music, Ghenwety, Deezer, and many more.

Medhat Karam, CEO, ArpuPlus, said: “Since the launch of MuzicUp last year, our main objectives have always been to earn the confidence of our main clients, the artists and labels, and provide them with the most convenient, trustworthy, and reliable way to stream their records in their chosen digital channels. To ensure consistency in the fulfillment of this commitment, we have equipped MuzicUp with advanced systems, artist tools, communication features, and other resources critical to making their music readily available anywhere in the globe.”

One of MuzicUp’s main features is the music uploading function for distribution in chosen digital platforms. This option removes the tedious tasks of creating separate accounts and uploading music and artworks for each and every streaming platform and digital store, thus saving time and effort.

“All of these are done with one mission in mind: empower independent artists and labels. When they sign up with MuzicUp, we let them keep their rights plus we offer them the most valuable way to earn revenues in a fair and sensible manner. MuzicUp is, in fact, the only platform that gets daily revenues from mobile operators and the only portal that pays registered artists with their monthly revenues whether collected from operators or not. Through our portal, artists can choose the channels where they want their music streamed, generate income, and grow their fan base all at the same time,” Karam said.

Independent artists who are part of the ArpuPlus’ MuzicUp community continue to rave about the music online distribution portal and its role in advancing their respective music careers.

Hamza Namira, Egyptian composer, singer, and guitarist, said: "MuzicUp provides a single platform for the distribution of music content to many digital music channels, offering artists like me with opportunities to showcase my work. I also appreciate the fact that the platform provides latest information on artist's revenues and other key data such as number of views, downloads and broadcasts, which are not offered in other platforms. I am delighted to be part of MuzicUp and I wish the team behind this pioneering platform all the best and success.”

For his part, singer Ibrahim Al Hakami said: "MuzicUp is a reliable platform that allows artists to stream their songs on their chosen digital broadcast channels. We also receive updated reports and other information related to our songs. The platform provides me a suitable and a new way to publish my work of art.”

MuzicUp is also the only platform in MENA that offers access to popular digital music channels and RBT in a single portal. Being the number one regional RBT aggregator, ArpuPlus has links to 36 worldwide mobile operators, enabling the company to distribute over 400,000 music tracks. To date, MuzicUp has 131,505 contents; 384 providers; 37,057 artists; 37,052 albums; and 5,595,117 RBT downloads per year.


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