Mobile Marketing


Trivia is a long duration and recurring subscription based competition that drives sustainable ARPU increase.

Trivia subscription based promotions maintain higher user engagement, recurring revenue stream, increasing Top-Up value & frequency, customer loyalty, and ARPU.

Mega Promo

Mega Promo is a simple interactive tool for operators, brands and media to increase their sales, drive more traffic and customer value.

ARPUPLUS launched more than 60 mega promos providing the best revenues and loyalty programs to the operators across region.

Instant Win :

Instant Win is an online subscription competition all over the Middle East adopting the chatbot technique to raise the engagement rate.

Instant Win enhance the entertainment package of the user for the operators and the service is the result of consistently positive emotional experience. The regular interaction helps build trust and loyalty between the operators and the users and increasing the data usage.

Instant Win subscribers will have 3 daily trials to answer 7 consecutive correct answer and win without draw. In case the 3 trials are expired and the Instant Win user wants to try again an additional pack of 3 trials can be purchased.